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Introduction to Visual Composer

Let's look at how a standard WordPress page layout differs to one that is constructed with the Visual Composer. Web page text is designed to flow around embedded images. If we want to have more interesting page layouts with columns and rows of text, images, buttons, boxes and videos then we can use the Visual [...]
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Standard Text Formatting Options

Most text blocks whether in the standard WordPress style or as a text block in Visual Composer will have a familiar toolbar above the box where you type the text. Depending on your theme and the plugins that are installed there could be some variation as to what extra buttons there are but the following [...]
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Find the page you want to edit in WordPress

There are two simple ways to find a page that you would like to edit in your WordPress website. This guide is available as a powerpoint slideshow, here. Find a page in the WordPress dashboard 1. Once you have logged in to your WordPress dashboard click on the Pages button on the left menu 2. [...]
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