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IT Support Partner

Jezweb recommends Imagine Now IT for computer support, service, repairs, network configuration, server management and cloud backup. If you need help with your computer systems call Chris and the team on +61 2 4934 4966 or visit their website at
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Remove malware and spyware from windows

For a full and detailed explanation refer to The general process which works well is: - install and run malwarebytes, clean and reboot - If there are still weird things like toolbars happening to your search engine or homepage then - install and run ccleaner - - install, run and clean with Adwcleaner - - [...]
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Stay safe after Windows XP support ends

Windows XP safety after updates end It is time to replace your Windows XP computer with Windows 7 or 8 (Microsoft advice). The sooner the better, but if you can't do that right now then the next best option is to make sure your Windows XP machine is protected from viruses and hacking and that [...]
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Rename multiple files in Win7

If you have ever wanted to rename a sequence of photos in windows 7 so that you could change the names from things like img989.jpg to something nice like my holiday photos.jpg then there is an easy way to do that in seconds. When you have batches of photos to add to your website it [...]
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Faster mouse in Win7

I find it terribly frustrating when i have to use a computer mouse at the default speed. There is no good reason why i should have to move the mouse halfway across the desk and bend my wrist at uncomfortable angles just to move from one side of the screen to the other. Modern mouse [...]
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