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Share photos with Dropbox

First, signup for dropbox from your computer if you do not already have a dropbox account. If you use that link you will get an extra 500mb for free (2.5GB total) which should be fine for most purposes and hold hundreds or thousands of photos. Installing dropbox on your computer Once you have an [...]
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Setup a Dropbox Account

Dropbox is a handy way to backup files, share photos and documents and have your files accessible on the computer and ipad synchronised. If you use this signup link you will get an extra 500mb of space: Plus if you google "fiver dropbox" you will find you can bump up your free dropbox space quite [...]
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Restore previous file versions in dropbox

1. Visit and login with your account. If you are already logged in then you will go straight to your file view page. 2. Click through to the folder where you have files you would like to restore to a previous version. 3. Select with a right click on the file you would like [...]
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